JAM meets during the Sunday morning service and is our Sunday School for aged 5 - 10 years and meets alternate Sunday's to SMYLE. We start off in church at 9.45am and then move down to the Parish Hall before coming back into church for the end of the service and to share what we’ve learnt and explored.
The sessions are very well planned by our bank of dedicated leaders who have lots of energy and enthusiasm. They are all CRB checked and committed to the safety and enjoyment of the children. The children learn about Jesus, through stories, drama, songs, craft, games and have lots of fun.
All the things that the children learn each session are fed back to the congregation at the end of the morning service so that the parents, and the whole congregation, know what they have been doing.
The leaders work hard to give our children a time to remember, especially at Christmas when we have a party, at Easter with a special Good Friday activities day and during the summer we have an outing which usually includes a picnic. JAM is a core part of St Mary’s Church, and it continues to grow and deepen. Why not come along to be part of it?




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JAM - Abrams Name Change
What we did on 3rd March 2013

JAM 2013 - Lots Choice
What we did on 17th February 2013

JAM 2013 - Smug or Sorry
What we did on 27th January 2013

JAM 2013 - Never Give Up
What we did on 20th January 2013

JAM 2013 - Ask, Search & Knock
What we did on 13th January 2013

JAM 2013 - Prayer
What we did on 6th January 2013

JAM - Forgiveness
Forgive me when I go wrong, and help me to forgive others when they hurt me

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