Arch Bishop's Sermon
A wonderful sermon by the Arch Bishop of Canterbury

Church Of England Daily Prayer
From earliest times, Christians gathered at regular hours during each day and night to respond to God's word with praise on behalf of creation and with intercession for the salvation of the world.

CLC Christian bookshop
Link to the CLC Christian Bookshop Website

E100 Bible reading challenge
Joint iniative between the BIble Society, Scripture Union and others to encourage churches to take up the challenge of inviting folk in their congregations to read 100 passages of scripture during 2011. The Essential 100 passages are 50 readings from the Old Testament and 50 readings from the New.

Gospel Imprint
Gospel Imprint is the fresh catholic voice in Anglicanism sharing free resources with all Christians who seek to learn, worship and witness to the generosity of the Kingdom of God.

Ready, Steady Slow
Advent calendar videos - help you unwind and reflect during Advent.

Scotland on Sunday Interview of Euan Murray
An interview with Euan Murray, a Christian rugby player who is a prop forward.

St Mary's Facebook
St Mary's Facebook

Website for the diocese of Chester
St Mary's is in the diocese of Chester

Your Church Wedding
Resource for helping with your wedding in church